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Oral Session (O12): Environmental Perspectives of APA (Surroundings)
Sunday, June 14, 2015, 12:30-14:00
Room 129
Chair: Prof. Yael Netz, Zinman College, Israel
The Surroundings and I: Using Performance as a Rehabilitation Tool
Iddo Gruengard*1,2, Richard Schechner3
1University of the Arts London, UK, 2Tel Aviv University, Israel, 3NYU, USA
The Accessible Health Zone Program: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for People with Disabilities
Ronit Rabi Benchitrit*1, Carmela Koresh Avlagon2, Revital Eilatiy Weissman3, Niva Manor4, Yaara Assenheim Shtal5
1Israel Unlimited - A Partnership of JDC, The Government of Israel and the Ruderman Family Foundation, Israel, 2The National Insurance Institute of Israel, Israel, 3Ministry of Social Affairs, Israel, 4Ministry of Health, Israel, 5The Zinman College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Israel
Research on Accessible Health Zones: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles for People with Disabilities
Yossi Freier-Dror1, Ronit Raby Benchetrit2, Carmela Koresh Avlagon3, Revital Eilatiy Weissman4, Niva Manor5, Yaara Assenheim Shtal6, Itamar Shatz*1
1Mashav Applied Research, Israel, 2Israel Unlimited, Israel, 3The National Insurance Institute, Israel, 4Ministry of Social Affairs, Israel, 5Ministry of Health, Israel, 6Zinman College at the Wingate Institute, Israel
Accessibility of Accommodation Facilities for Individuals with Disabilities
Ozkan Tutuncu1, Lauren Lieberman*2
1Dokuz Eylul University, School of Sport Sciences and Technology, Department of Recreation, Turkey, 2State University of New York, College at Brockport, Department of Kinesiology, Sport Studies and Physical Education, USA
'No Handicap' Laureus Schneetiger - Winter Sports for People with Special Needs/ Disabilities
Thorsten Gegenwarth*1, Thomas Reinelt2
1Be In Motion, Austria, 2SFBK GmbH, Austria